Information is a basic condition for maintaining peace: accurate and widespread information at all levels, not only between governments, which already have institutional channels, nor only among those who work in science and culture, who better than others can assess the risks of the arms race, but also and above all, among the millions of men and women of every country who, when they become aware of the facts of the situation, can intervene to allow peaceful solutions to prevail.

From these considerations was born the idea of a prize for journalism which would spur everyone who works in the media to act as a messenger of the ideals of peace and of the peaceful coexistence of peoples, nations and states.

Founded in 1986, International Year of Peace, by the Archivio Disarmo together with Legacoop, the prize has three sections (daily newspapers, periodical magazines and radio-television). A “colomba d'oro” (golden dove) is awarded annually to reporters who are particularly dedicated to themes of peace and disarmament; a fourth “colomba” is awarded to an international figure who has made a significant contribution to the cause of peace. The sculpture of the doves is the work of the well known Italian artist Pericle Fazzini.


List of Winners (1986-2020)



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