Accordig to Ramy Srour, the election of President Barack H. Obama at the White House saw the United States committing to the achievement of a world without nuclear weapons. However, this goal seems to be hard to attain, particularly in light of the policies surrounding the deployment of the American B-61 tactical nuclear bombs on European soil. Their presence in Europe and the Life Extension Program instituted for their modernization have impacted the already delicate relationship between NATO and Russia, and the internal dynamics of the Alliance itself. The unilateral and multilateral steps taken by the United States and NATO respectively do not seem to suggest a real intention to dismantle or transfer the bombs. Indeed, the Allies request the reciprocal dismantlement of the Russian tactical arsenals as the necessary condition for the removal of the B-61 bombs. Nevertheless, the Kremlin insists that any alteration of the Russian arsenal be preceded by the total transfer of the bombs to American territory. The result is a diplomatic impasse the solution of which is difficult to predict.


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